Popular mobile game “Temple Run” hits 1 billion downloads

The massively popular mobile game Temple Run has hit a huge milestone, reaching over 1 billion downloads. Imangi Studios, the developers behind Temple Run announced that the popular iOS and Android game hit the 1 billion downloads mark spread across Temple Run and the sequel Temple Run 2.

The developers also divulged a few more stats regarding the game. According to the studio, players have run a total of 50 trillion meters. Overall, 32 billion games have been played to date. This milestone places Temple Run alongside Angry Birds for mobile games to break the 1 billion download threshold.

Temple Run is credited for starting the endless runner craze for mobile devices, being a game where the character can never complete a level and will continue to run.

Keith Shepard, the co-creator of Temple Run said, “It’s just been amazing. If you can bring something novel and new to the table, it adds that extra excitement level and that extra component to the vitality of it.”

Temple Run not only spawned a very successful sequel, but also generated two movie licensed spin off’s. These spin offs were tied to Brave and The Wizard of Oz, both Disney films. Shepard stated that Temple Run 3 could arrive “at some point”. However, the studio does not have any specific plans to release another sequel.

With the development studio expanding from a two person team to an 11 person operation based in their new office in Raleigh, N.C., the studio is definitely expanding. Imangi is working on “additional games that people can enjoy outside of that.” This is to be expected as their first game was so successful. Perhaps they are even going to turn into the next Rovio.

Temple Run’s explosion of popularity has clearly had an impact on mobile gaming as a whole. A number of popular mobile games such as Jetpack Joyride are clearly inspired by Temple Run’s infinite level formula. Even if it isn’t really a game in the same way as a console or PC title, Temple Run has had a substantial impact on mobile gaming as a whole, for both Apple and Google platforms.


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