Dell reveals Inspiron 20, a giant 20 inch tablet for work and fun

Dell recently showcased their new all-in-one tablet desktop hybrid that will likely intrigue those who love giant screens. The Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series  is a massive 20 inch touchscreen PC/tablet that begins at $450 ($350 without touch). While the device doesn’t seem to have incredibly beefy specs, it appears to function well for what it’s aimed to be used for. It can be a home movie system or a PC. The choice is up to the user.

With all this in mind the Dell Inspiron 20 is clearly a media based device. This is fairly obvious given the form factor, 19.5 inch HD display and integrated sub woofer. however, the tablet is also designed to be an all-in-one Windows 8 desktop PC. The device is relatively portable, meaning it can be easily moved between rooms unlike a regular desktop. Though it’s doubtful a student will want to carry around a 20 inch tablet desktop. It is portable, but not as portable as a Nexus 7.

The Dell Inspiron 20 can operate on battery as well, making it a very unique device. Dell estimates that the device will run for up to 6 hours unplugged. As of right now, Dell has not gone into extensive detail regarding the specs of the device, which may be important to power users.

The Dell Inspiron 20 has an integrated stand for sitting on a desk. However, this stand is retractable, making the device usable as a massive tablet. however, it’s not really advised to be used this way. While the Dell Inspiron 20 is light for a 20 inch device, it’s still reasonably heavy.

While Windows 8 has been polarizing to say the least, one has to admit that this OS has brought about a wave of new and intriguing devices. Innovation in technology is very exiting, and some manufacturers are clearly at the forefront. From plain tablets to laptop hybrids and now a PC/tablet hybrid, who knows what could come next. This device is very interesting and could make a great addition to the desk of pixel lovers or multi-taskers alongside a beefy desktop PC.

The Dell Inspiron 20 will be available soon in select countries. Users can check the Dell website for more information on this device.


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