iOS 8, Mac OS X 10.10 and “smart home” – Apple WWDC 2014

It’s safe to say that June is a great month for those of us enthusiastic about technology. E3 2014 is commencing in a week, set to reveal the true potential of the new hardware gamers have found themselves with. Right now though, the core focus is on Apple this week for the most important day all year for the company.

With the Worldwide Developers Conference right around the corner, commencing tomorrow, technology enthusiasts around the world are speculating on what the worlds largest consumer electronics company is set to reveal on the stage. The keynote as usual will delve into what’s to come for iOS and Mac OS X. However, with recent rumors surrounding the potential of Apple’s “smart home,” could we see this new and interesting idea manifest on the stage this week?

It seems logical to start with what we know will show up at the keynote. As WWDC is a software focused event, it’s become tradition for Apple to announce the latest version of iOS. Apple fans should expect iOS 8 to make it’s debut at WWDC. Many predict this showcase will be very important considering the recent acquisition of Beats for $3 billion.

It seems doubtful that Beats will be heavily integrated with iOS 8 considering the deal was only completed a few days ago, but there are a number of other features many expect to be showcased in this new operating system. One of these features is the new maps function, which is toted to be heavily improved on the previous iteration.

It’s agreed on by many that the latest Mac operating system iteration will receive a lot of love on the stage as usual. Mac OS X 10.10 is expected to be receiving a major overhaul in both aesthetic and functional design. This will be similar to how iOS 7 completely changed the OS from the inside. With Apple constantly striving for unity between all of their products, it’s expected that Mac OS X 10.10 will enhance this idea like never before, creating a more uniform appearance between both iOS and Mac OS X.

Healthbook is a highly anticipated application designed by Apple themselves, supposedly core to the iOS 8 experience. Healthbook will apparently track a number of stats, from a person’s blood pressure, heartrate and sleep patterns to name a few. It appears as though Apple is taking on Samsung head on. Samsung has recently released a number of devices that incorporate health features deeply into their design. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a heart rate monitor on the back and the Galaxy Fit is self explanatory.

Of course, this discussion can’t end without at least mentioning the “smart home.” Rumors have been circling recently in regards to Apple’s venture into the home with a system that connects all of a house’s features to the fingertips of a user. Many companies are hoping the “smart home” will be the “next big thing” alongside wearable tech, which makes this venture very intriguing.

Speaking of wearables, some hope new hardware will debut at WWDC. To be specific, the debut of the long awaited iWatch that most people know Apple is working on. Unfortunately, a reveal such as this at WWDC seems highly unlikely. WWDC is primarily a software focused event, so don’t expect Apple’s wearable to debut on the stage this week.

With all of this in mind, Apple fans have a lot to look forward to this week. With so many potential reveals just around the corner, there is good reason to be exited for WWDc 2014.


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