Watch Dogs suffering from game breaking uPlay and PSN bug

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, uPlay is causing a number of issues for gamers. Ubisoft has received a large amount of flack for it’s DRM built into their mandatory and somewhat controversial uPlay service, particularly from PC gamers. The company is now coming under fire for multiple issues stemming from uPlay. A number of users have taken to the Ubisoft forums to express disdain and anger after encountering a game braking bug in the recently release open world game Watch Dogs.

The specifics of the bug have been narrowed down fairly effectively. It appears as though the bug causes the game to stall at 90% on the loading screen. This issue is caused when a user checks the uPlay store while the service is down.

The first post made came from the user rdgeneoz3. The post reads as follows:

“Was messing around in between missions and noticed that I could not get the uplay stealth car sent to me even though I had used it earlier / had it unlocked in the uplay store. Logged out to check the uplay store (only to find out it was ubisoft service being down) and when I tried to load my game up again, it keeps stopping at like 90% complete on the load… Waited several minutes with the loading screen (went and got a drink), came back and it’s still the same. Tried closing the game and reloading it, still the same problem. Is it because of the problems with uplay or did I find one of the fun game breaking bugs? …”

As of right now, the forum thread is over 94 pages long, clearly showing that this is a widespread issue for multiple players. It seems as though the bug is primarily effecting PSN users playing the game on either the PS4 or PS3. Ubisoft is currently working on a fix.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, this is only one of many issues arising from the release of Watch Dogs. Many PC gamers, particularly on AMD cards are experiencing massive performance issues, even on high end AMD cards, suggesting that the title has been poorly optimized. The uPlay service has caused a number of other issues as well. Some users were unable to access Watch Dogs on the day of launch. The negative press surrounding the launch of this game clearly shows, with many gamers furious over the astounding number of launch issues surrounding this highly anticipated title.

Watch Dogs launched on May 27 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC with a Wii U version arriving later this year.


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