Google stated “we’re too white and too male” in workplace diversity

After giving the world a detailed breakdown of it’s entire workforce, Google stated what has been widely agreed on based on recent information. Google believed their company workforce is overwhelmingly dominated by white males. Given the company’s reputation, it was a big surprise to many how lacking the company was in diversity. However, the company appears to be less diverse than many initially thought.

Google confirmed that only 2 percent of it’s 26,000 workers based in the United States are black. Only 3 percent are Hispanic. 30 percent of the employees under Google are women, which is a very surprising statistic. Laszlo Bock, the head of personnel at Google said, “Google is miles from where we want to be.”

When talking to PBS Newshour in an interview, Bock discussed potential reasons as to why the diversity of the company was so limited. The biggest factor according to Bock was the shortage of such students majoring in computer science or other technology related fields in tertiary education. Bock said, “There is an absolute pipeline problem.”

Once before, Google stated there were only two black people in the US with newly received doctorates in computer science searching for positions. Microsoft hired one of them with Google scooping up the second. Google also discussed their demographics in the ad department. Google’s main money maker is advertising revenue, with the company selling $50 billion in advertising every year. However, out of the 2,900 sales people in the US who work for Google, only 3 percent were black. More than 2,000 or 70 percent were white.

Google is attempting to remedy this issue and bring more diversity to the company. Google has put more than 20,000 employees through 90 minute training sessions during the previous year to help them become more aware of potential subconscious biases. Google is also tackling the issue at the source, driving for large minority enrollments at collages. In the previous year, Google sent a specialist to Howard University, a historically black collage to assist graduates and give them a better chance at finding a position in technology.

Google is not a rare exception in the tech world. Many technology giants are lacking in workplace diversity. Back in 1999, the first Silicon Valley initiative found that 89 percent of chairmen within that region were white. Approximately 60 percent of the workforce were white with 31 percent being Asian. Those figures haven’t moved since 1999. These figures show that when it comes to technology, workplace diversity is definitely lacking. However, it is very good to see that many of these companies are aware of these issues and are working to remedy them by recruiting more diverse workers into their businesses.



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