Microsoft planning to enter the smartwatch market

According to Forbes, Microsoft are the latest technology company aiming to dive head first into the newly emerged wearables market. Microsoft is planning to release a sensor and feature rich smartwatch that will measure heart rates and will also be able to sync with iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones. Unlike Samsung, who’s smartwatches are only compatible with Galaxy devices, it appears as though Microsoft is broadening it’s potential buyers range.

The smartwatch will be designed utilizing the knowledge and expertise of the Xbox Kinect division. Sensors will be used to continuously measure heart rates throughout the day with a battery set to last for two days. This is about the same battery life found on the Samsung Galaxy Fit. As of right now, a release date has not been established. However, the report states this device could release as soon as Summer this year.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated the company had, “nothing to share” regarding this report. As of right now, Samsung dominates the smartwatch market alongside Pebble, with Apple rumoured to release an iWatch very soon. Many other companies are rumoured to be entering the smartwatch market as well, seeking to create the “next big thing.”

However, based on the information presented regarding Microsoft’s smartwatch, the device may be ahead of the competition. With the company spending so much time developing similar technologies with the Kinect, Microsoft has an inherent advantage over the competition. It’s likely Microsoft will be able to more effectively integrate multiple censors into such a device with accurate readings that may eclipse the capabilities of the Galaxy Fit.

Microsoft’s decision to make this device capable across multiple devices isn’t too surprising considering recent Microsoft products made available on different platforms. It was only recently that Microsoft released Office on Android and iOS.

Microsoft will have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to break into the wearables market. Samsung already has the inherent advantage with multiple smartwatches available right now, with rumors of the Galaxy Gear 3 already emerging.


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