Hackers have cracked into the Spotify system

Swedish music service Spotify stated on Tuesday that it’s system had been compromised by a hacker. Luckily, the hacker was unable to access any banking or payment data. The company stated, “We detected unauthorized access to our systems and internal company data.” They continued, “As soon as we became aware of the situation, we immediately launched an investigation.”

According to Spotify, the data of only one user had been compromised. It was very fortunate that these didn’t include any form of banking information or the user’s password. The company are going to update their Spotify Android application over the coming days, asking many users to re-enter and potentially change their passwords. This is in an attempt to prevent any further hacking or security compromises. Spotify is currently working to heighten the security of their systems to prevent an attack like this from happening again.

The reasons behind this attack are currently unknown. Whether or not the hackers wanted to prove they could break into the system or were actually trying to cause harm to the specific user is still a mystery. The former seems most likely as the hackers did not access bank information.

This Spotify hacking incident comes alongside a recent string of hacking incidents. Only a few days ago, Apple’s iCloud system was compromised. This allowed hackers access to the Find My iPhone service which was exploited to lock devices and demand ransoms from their owners. Apple is currently working towards fixing this issue.

Once again, it is very strange that these incidents are coinciding with the release of the highly anticipated open world game Watch Dogs. A title featuring hacking as one of it’s core mechanics. These incidents must be very coincidental. Right now, Spotify has 40 million active users across 56 countries, making them one of the most popular music streaming services in the world.


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