Kids react to old computers in a strange way

While many kids claim to be technology experts, there’s no doubt that computers have become easier to use over the years. With faster, streamlined platforms and more accessible technology products, kids have it easy when it comes to computers. This week, the Fine Bros introduced a group of children to a late 1970’s/early 1980’s computer, and they reacted in the exact way everyone expected.

Computers during that time were only really used for typing documents and writing code, not for playing games or using any other application. The computer had no mouse, no real operating system, no colours besides green and best of all, no internet. The kids were shocked to say the least. A number of the kids were unable to actually turn on the computer.

This video really cements how rapidly technology has improved over the last few decades. Back in the early 80’s, these machines were cutting edge technology. 4Kb of ram seemed like a substantial amount of memory. Now, they’re infinitely less powerful than the smartphones everyone takes for granted. For many, it will be a blast to the past. For these kids, it’ll be like they went in a time machine back to when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.


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