Apple aiming to announce the “smart home” at WWDC

Apple is currently predicted to begin venturing into living rooms in the form of the smart home market. This is proposed to allow consumers the ability to control lighting, heating and numerous other features within houses. It’s still expected that many of these features will be controlled through either an iPhone or an iPad, likely suggesting this new strategy will be implemented through both a software and hardware platform. Many also expect that the revised Apple TV expected this year may also play into this unity.

This revelation has many technology enthusiasts very exited, especially considering the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco commences next week, with many hoping the announcement will be made there. Many also hope that the features built into this system will be extensively demonstrated at WWDC.

Apple has also been filing a number of smart house related patents over the last few years, which have aroused suspicion among technology buffs. The most recent one suggested that Siri would be used to control the smart home via voice commands. Voice commands have been something many companies have been pushing for, including Microsoft with the Kinect for Xbox One and Google with the implementation of Google Now.

If this information becomes true, Apple will begin competing head on with Google and Samsung, who are already branching into the smart home field. However, the smartphone and tablet industries are clearly filled to the brim with competition, making this a smart venture. As a company that claims to “think differently,” a smart home would definitely prove this to be the case.

This information isn’t particularly surprising. With the smartphone market normalizing, many companies are attempting to venture into new areas, seeking to create the “next big thing.” This has been clearly demonstrated with the new push towards wearables in the form of Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear series of smart watches. However, as of right now, no company has truly been able to create the quintessential device. If Apple come out of the cage swinging at WWDC, the smart home may very well be the next iPhone.


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