Toshiba releasing a new hybrid touchscreen laptop

Today, Toshiba announced a line of new 2-in-1 Windows 8 laptop tablet hybrids set to release during the back to school season. The key device Toshiba is really pushing is the Satellite Click 2, arriving late June with a retail price of $587. This laptop will be selling at retail exclusively through Best Buy. The device will also be available through the Toshiba website.

The Click 2 features all the specifications one would expect from a budget laptop. The device is 4.84 pounds when attached to the keyboard (2.8 when disconnected), less than an inch thick with a 13.3 inch touchscreen display. Inside, the computer is packing a quad core Intel Pentium N3530 processor as opposed to the dual core AMD chip featured in it’s predecessor. It also contains 4 GB of ram and a 500 GB hard drive. Nothing revolutionary, but fairly decent for a budget device.

This device will also come in a pro version, which will contain a 128 GB SSD, an Intel Core i5 processor and Harmon Kardon sound. This will sell for $1,028 in retail. For users who want enhanced performance, an i7 version will also be released for $1,279. Many of these changed were made by Toshiba to address the common criticism of the first Click, including an irresponsible keyboard.

Pressure has been mounting on PC manufacturers to prove the worth of Windows 8 and the potential of hybrid computers. Ever since the success of the iPad, consumers have proven there is a substantial amount of demand for tablet devices, commonly used for web surfing and entertainment. However, people still have work to do, which necessitates the use of an actual computer. This balancing act has been something very difficult for manufacturers to nail, with very few devices providing the all around experience with no compromises.

Toshiba America’s executive in charge of the PC and TV business Jeff Barney spoke with USA Today, where the Click 2 was demoed. He stated that he believes the notebook market is “poised to have a great comeback,” obviously referring to the fact that notebook sales are down from subsequent years due to the rise of tablets and the release of Windows 8, a polarizing OS to say the least. Whether or not consumers catch onto this new device from Toshiba will be determined in June.


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