The Order: 1886 delayed until early 2015 on PS4

In yet another game delay, the much anticipated PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 has been delayed until 2015. This information was revealed via a post on the PlayStation Blog, stating the steampunk third person shooter would not in fact be releasing at the end of this year. It was stated that developer Ready at Dawn needed more time to polish the game.

The blog post stated, “As we look to bring this experience to the players, we have decided to spend some extra time to deliver on the promise we made when we first introduced the game. As such, you can expect The Order: 1886 to come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015.”

This will mark yet another delay for a next generation title, which has become increasingly frequent. Sony previously delayed Driveclub for nearly a year until it was confirmed for release this October. Many third party titles, including The Witcher 3, The Crew and The Division have been delayed, likely due to the challenge of making title for new hardware. However, it is more important that a game release finished rather than early, so this was likely the right decision.

The delay may have been prompted by the overall mixed reception of the first gameplay of The Order: 1886 revealed earlier this year. The performance was considered very choppy and technical issues were a problem, making many doubt whether or not the game would be ready in time. It’s already been established that the game will run at 1920 x 800, 30 FPS but the performance may still need tweaking.

An important factor to consider this year is whether or not the PS4 has the exclusives necessary for a successful year. One of the PS3’s greatest strengths was it’s bevy of first party titles, from Uncharted to LittleBigPlanet. With The Order: 1886 delayed until next year, there are not a large number of AAA exclusives set to release this year. However, Sony’s strong support of indie developers will definitely help them tide over gamers.

With this delay, Sony will really need to bring their A game to E3 this year. The Order: 1886 is a very promising game and despite this delay, Sony ultimately has to show off the game on the stage floor and cement whether or not this title will become a big hit.


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