Apple trying to ban the sale of Samsung devices

The patent wars continue. After Apple and Google were able to resolve their patent issues, many hoped that Samsung and Apple would be able to resolve their disputes. However, Apple’s legal team aren’t done just yet. Apple is asking for a retrial in an effort to increase the amount a jury recently ordered Samsung to pay after the Korean company infringed on a number of patents filed by Apple.

The trial initially concluded earlier this month and resulted in Apple securing a $119.6 million payout from Samsung due to a number of patent violations despite the company aiming to secure $2.2 billion. Needless to say, they were well off their target. Apple are also asking that the courts impose a sales ban on older Samsung devices that used technology infringing on their patent. The list of devices includes the Admire, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Tough, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. If this is accepted, the decision could’ve devastating effects on Samsung’s sales, especially for older devices.

Apple claimed in the papers filed at the end of last week that it “will suffer irreparable harm if Samsung continues its use of the infringing features.” Apple has been requesting sales bans on Samsung devices for a while now, with virtually no success. This has prompted people to expect this effort to be another failure and that this will likely be the final nail in the coffin of this dispute.

Adam Yates, a Samsung spokesperson responded to this move by Apple, stating “After the jury rejected Apple’s grossly exaggerated damages claim, Apple is once again leaning on the courts to push other smartphones out of the market. If granted, this would stifle fair competition and limit choice for American consumers.”

Even if Apple is successful, Samsung has a strong line-up of devices set to release this year considering the recently leaked information regarding their next smartwatch as well as the Galaxy Note 4 which is likely to arrive in October this year. Many leaks have also come out regarding the iPhone 6, set to release in September with a larger, higher resolution display and a new processor, as well as the company’s first foray into wearables with the much rumored iWatch. This news proves once again that the smartphone market is highly competitive and it’ll be interesting to see how this dispute develops over the coming weeks.



  1. blair says

    Not going to happen. Samsung will be required to pay reasonable royalties and life will go on. At best, this might get Apple another point or two. At worst, it will continue to paint them as a patent troll and muck up public perception of the value of the brand.

  2. Apple is stupid says

    Totally ridiculous on Apple’s part. The iPhone came out 7 years ago and has the same basic design firm that whole time. Samsung, on the other hand, has consistently innovated and improved their devices. They have become popular because some folks want options when it comes to their phones and with Samsung you get that. You’ve got a huge selection to pick from: S3, S4, Note 2/3, Mega etc. IPhone has a whopping TWO: 5S or 5C (aka a colorful version of the iPhone 5). Samsung devices look and act NOTHING like Apple. I hope Apple loses big time.

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