Samsung developing a virtual reality headset

The amount of devices Samsung creates is already broad, and the technology giant is now set to expand into virtual reality. According to Engadget, Samsung is currently developing a new virtual reality headset which is slated to be officially announced sometime this year.

Sources working closely to the project are stating that working models of the headset are being powered by existing Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 3, though the consumer model to be released is expected to run via the next generation of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. It is still unknown how the headset will connect to these devices, be it wired or wireless connection. The VR headset will have OLED displays, which is a staple of Samsung mobile devices, but will not run on Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Based on the information provided, Samsung are planning to undercut the competition in terms of price. The device is set to compete against the Oculus Rift, recently acquired by Facebook and Sony’s Project Morpheus, both devices which have garnered a large amount of positive reception. Similar to those devices, this headset is planned to be used with games. If this is the case, it is likely development kits will be distributed to developers to ensure quality software and games will be compatible with the headset.

The trend of virtual reality is becoming more popular with every passing day. New devices are constantly being announced and it appears as though the demand is there. The acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook proves that some companies see some potential in virtual reality, sure it will become the next big thing. Whether or not this will be the case in the long term is sure to be determined by consumers very soon, especially if this information turns out to be correct.


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