Smartphones occupy 87% of american pockets, report

Everybody knows smartphones are popular, but it turns out they are insanely popular. Based on new data from Counterpoint’s Market Monitor, Q1 2014 was the largest quarter for smartphones within the US market, with over 33 million units shipped to retailers. Based on this information, smartphones represented 87% of the total handsets shipped within Q1 2014, which marks a noticeable leap from previous periods.

More information regarding the smartphones shipped were highlighted in the summary. The summary states that over 75% of handhelds shipped were LTE capable, with 70% of those devices being manufactured by Samsung and Apple. Android enabled devices accounted for nearly 60% of handsets shipped, though Windows Phone’s share grew in the quarter. Despite the growth, Windows Phone still accounts for less than 4% of US handsets shipped in Q1 2014, with Apple sitting right in the middle.

As usual, Apple and Samsung were the big sellers. Apple and Samsung devices represented over two thirds of the smartphone market, though the iPhone is still on top in the US. The iPhone was the most popular phone with carriers Verizon and AT&T, accounting for over half of their shipments while Samsung was on top with T-Mobile


Based on the summary, it appears as though T-Mobile has now overtaken Sprint, becoming the third largest smartphone carrier in the US. They are trailing closely behind AT&T. Needless to say, Smartphones now officially dominate the mobile market.



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