Google working on a advanced 3D vision tablet

Google is currently developing a new, top of the line, cutting edge tablet as the company continues to experiment with mobile devices and advanced vision technologies. Google is planning on producing about 4,000 prototypes of the tablet commencing in June according to sources close to the project. The device is expected to feature a 7 inch screen, two back facing cameras, infrared depth sensors and an advanced software which will be able to capture precise images of objects in three dimensional images.

The project is being dubbed Project Tango and is being developed as part of a Google research effort. The release date is unconfirmed. However, it may potentially release prior to Google I/O at the end of June according to a person close to the project. The potential of the tablet as a new virtual reality and digital mapping device is definitely there. It could prove to be useful for indoor navigation for the visually-impaired as well as lead to more realistic games on a mobile device through the use of the back facing cameras and software baked into the device.

This new venture also makes a large amount of sense in the current technology climate. Oculus Rift has become one of the most highly anticipated tech devices in recent memory, and with the recent acquisition from Facebook, it’s clear many companies see the value of virtual reality and other advanced vision technologies. If Google is indeed working on this tablet, it will likely make it’s appearance at Google I/O in June in the same way company debut Google Glass. However, if this device is revealed at the event, it seems unlikely that consumers will be able to get their hands on the tablet in the near future. Google Glass was unveiled at Google I/O in 2012 and is still primarily in the hands of developers. However, more time with developers means a greater likelyhood of excellent software to support the technology.

Whether or not the information presented from this source close to the project is true will be something enthusiasts will have to wait for when Google takes the stage at Google I/O in June



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