Facebook making privacy settings easier for user

Arguably most Facebook users don’t actually alter their privacy settings as much as they should. For those people, Facebook has taken an unorthodox approach to the issue, changing their privacy setting to make them easier to understand.

Over the coming weeks, Facebook will be offering users what they dub as “a new and expanded privacy checkup tool” that will supposedly “take people through a few steps to review thinks such as who they’re posting to, which apps they use and the privacy of key pieces of information on their profile.” Facebook also stated that the mobile version of the network will make it easier for users to determine the audience they are posting to. This will be achieved through a “public posting reminder” which will offer a reminder to people posting publicly to ensure they are sharing their post with the intended people.

Facebook has changed the default privacy settings to ensure that posts were only shared with a user’s friends. This was in response to the outcry from users who were paranoid about sharing something by accident or revealing information to the wrong audience. The Zuck Squad stated. “We recognize that it is much worse for someone to accidentally share with everyone when they actually meant to share just with friends, compared with the reverse.”

They continued, “So, going forward, when new people join Facebook, the default audience of their first post will be set to Friends. Previously, for most people, it was set to Public. First time posters will also see a reminder to choose an audience for their first post, and if they don’t make a choice, it will be set to Friends.”

This is all good news for users as many Facebook members tend to neglect their privacy settings. Whether or not this will prompt Facebook to stop digging through everyone’s personal information is another story.


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