Asteroid to pass Earth on Halloween

Another close-Earth asteroid was not expected for at least another decade, scientists say.

Vatican denies Pope Francis suffering from brain tumor

Report says that a Japanese doctor flew to the Vatican, diagnosing him with a small brain tumor.

Astronauts grow a flower in space

On January 16, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a picture of the fist flower to ever be grown in space. The flower was an orange Zinnia, a edible plant, according to CBS News. Last November the flower was planted on the International Space Station’s Veggie Chamber. After only two weeks NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren noticed […]

McDonald’s Stocks Hit an All-time High

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook announced a rebound in quarterly sales a situation that saw McDonald’s Corp shares hit an all-time high. Easterbrook announced that the global sales were much higher than what had been projected and further stated that the trend is likely to remain positive in the current quarter. The increase in global sales […]


Same Old Story: Arsenal Capitulate Again

It seems to be the common blueprint for the Gunners every season; they get themselves in a commanding position in the Premier League and then they capitulate. In a season where many of the big guns in the EPL have been inconsistent to say the least (Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City), Arsene Wenger’s men have […]

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